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February 2024 - T80 successful sea trials Melbourne

The first boat off the production line arrived early February in Melbourne. Following fitting of engine, driveline and final wiring the boat was sea trialed out of St Kilda marina.

The predominate weather for these trials was SW 20-25 knots with a typically nasty Port Philip bay chop. Initial trials without zipwakes showed an easily handled, comfortable riding boat with great stability. Fully cored hull feels incredible solid, and she was predictable on the helm.

Driveline vibration and noise was minimal and cruise speed of 25 knots was both economical and comfortable. A new propeller is being made as the one sent from the Qld manufacturer was slightly over pitched. Empty she trimmed slightly bow down but, with full water ballast she trimmed on her lines. Sight lines are great and cockpit ergonomics also.

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